Oven Cleaning Manawatu

Is your oven overdue a clean? Do you never find the time to clean it? Oven cleaning is hard work and can take so long if your not used to doing them. Here at hire a housewife our team are trained to clean ovens and they have a fast and efficient system they use to get the job done fast.

Other companies in the Manawatu are charging $140.00 per oven, here at Hire a Housewife for a normal size oven we charge only $88.00 and it gets better,  if you are a client of Hire a Housewife's you can get your oven cleaned this month and next month for as little as $66.00. We like to look after our clients and give them a monthly special. Call Natasha today for your obligation free quote and come and see why Hire a Housewife has over doubled in size in the past 12 months. 

Natasha Harding 0508 DUSTED