What a lot a real estate agents fail to realise is that cleaning companies and real estate agents need to work hand in hand. Why is this you're wondering? If a real estate agent wants to get top dollar for your home, it is vital they realise how important the presentation part of selling a home is. If a home is presented right you will often get far more money. I always use a personal experience when talking about this. My husband and I purchased a home. At the time, property in the Manawatu was selling for market value. Because the owner did not present his home in tip top condition and there was so much work to be completed, we offered $40,000 below what he was asking for, and we were successful.  (His home required major work inside and out so this example is worst case)  If he had of spent $1500 inside and $1500 outside, I could guarantee you we would have paid the market value for his home and he would have had $37,000 more in his back pocket after cleaning and gardening costs. It's as simple as that!! So how awesome is it to see a real estate agency giving a cleaning package away for FREE if you list with them? (Conditions Apply )

If you list with Shelley Naylor Realty you will receive FREE cleaning through their Preparation or Pack and Go campaign to the value of $1000, yes you heard right $1000. Wouldn't it be nice to list with an agency that is passionate about helping you receive top dollar for your home, and potentially having an extra $37,000 in your back pocket?

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