Clothes dryers cause on average 54 fires per year according to Fire and Emergency NZ figures.The brigade urged caution because static electricity and build-up of heat in the dryer can cause any dust, lint or chemical residue on clothes to catch fire. Dust can also build up in the back of the machine over time, something that should be checked and cleaned by a service person as taking the back cover off can void warranties and potentially expose electrical risk.

Main causes 

- forgetting to clean the lint out of your dryer, make sure you check filters and lint regularly 

- Dryers should not be left running when people left their house, or go to sleep

For dryers, along with cleaning the lint trap after every use, it recommends ensuring the dryer goes through the full cycle, including cool down, before being opened, and making sure there is proper ventilation and air space around the machine


Want to make sure your home is fire safe? Here's a quick and easy checklist you can use to spot any risks or hazards that might cause a fire.

Walk through your house and check off each point as you go. If a point doesn't apply to you (for example, if you don't have a fireplace), give it a tick.

This checklist is for people who own a house or apartment in the city or suburbs.


  • The stovetop is clean and free of any spilled fats or burnt foods.

  • The range-hood filters have been cleaned recently.

  • There's a fire extinguisher near the kitchen and I know how to use it.

Living room and bedrooms

  • There are smoke alarms installed in every bedroom, living area and hallway in the house — ideally, long-life photoelectric ones.

  • Matches, lighters or other fire starting tools are stored out of reach of children.

  • Power-points or multi-boards are not overloaded with appliances that use a lot of power, like heaters.

  • Lights are fitted with the correct bulb size and rating (in watts). • Electric blankets are in good condition, and not more than 5 years old.

  • There's a torch near every bed (in case of emergencies).

  • The fireplace has a screen with a proper fireguard, and the chimney has been checked and/or swept in the last year.


  • BBQ fittings are tight and secure, and there's at least 1 metre of clear space around the BBQ. Use the soap bubble test to make sure there are no leaks.

  • Flammable liquids in sheds or garages are stored in appropriate containers.


  • There's no lint built up in the clothes dryer filter (you should check this after every use).

  • The clothes dryer has been checked recently by a professional to ensure there's no dust built up in the back (don't open up the dryer yourself, as this will breach the warranty).

  • There's plenty of ventilation and air space around the clothes dryer.

Check out, 

You will find work place action plans, home evacuation plans, kids fun stuff etc. Better to have a plan and not need it, than need a plan and not have it. 


Hire A Housewife for Peoples Choice Award.

We are very honoured to be nominated for the “Peoples Choice Award”, if you want to show your support you can do so by nominating Hire A Housewife under the peoples choice category.

Nat ( Personal Assistant to Natasha ) has also made it into the finalists for the ‘Most Outstanding Employee’ she made it in out of around 109 people, we are supper proud of her and wish her all the best. She certainly is amazing, she wears so many different hats, she is the friendly voice on the phone when potential new clients call and also currant clients, she is Natasha’s right hand and without her day to day business wouldn’t be quite as organised and fun as it is. All the best Nat.

IMG_0536 2.JPG

Welcome to the Team Lilly


Lilly has lived in Feilding for 17 years and now considers herself a local. Before joining the team at Hire a Housewife Lilly did an Admin Course, she was also involved in the farming industry. Her and her partner Mark have 6 children between them so know the day to day struggles that come with house cleaning and juggling family commitments as well as full time employment. Lilly is engaged to a local Electrician and is working hard to save for her wedding. When Lilly is not cleaning as an Executive Housewife or running around after her partner and children she can be found in the Gym.


Builders Cleaning Manawatu

With many commercial and home construction projects taking months or even years of planning to complete, it is important that the finished project is handed over to your client in perfect condition. We know how important this is and we understand we are handing over your clients dreams. The importance of having skilled and experienced cleaners with expertise in builders cleans cannot be over emphasised.

Why are more building companies contacting Hire a Housewife?  We know how important it is to hand over a home in perfect condition, and we will make sure this happens every time!  We understand that one bad handover can mean your client not referring you to friends and family. This could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss of business. We will hand over your hard work in top condition every time! 

Hire a Housewife is the leading provider of builder cleans in the Manawatu. Our Housewives are highly skilled and fully trained. Natasha is so confident you will be 100% satisfied with our service she has provided a 100% guarantee to all builders and clients. 

 Our Executive Housewives carry out thorough post-construction cleans, leaving the interior and exterior of your property clean and safe. Whether you are a developer wanting to leave the property in perfect condition or a home owner organising the final touches before hand over, look no further! You won't find a better service in the Manawatu. 

Our Executive Housewives wipe / remove dust from:

  • The tops of all windows frames and window sills

  • The tops of all door frames

  • Bench tops and exposed surfaces

  • Inside all kitchen cabinetry

  • Skirting's / Walls dusted 

  • Wardrobes

  • Power points, plugs and light fittings

  • Kitchen Latches

  • Windows inside / out

  • Bathroom top to bottom dust 

  • Removal of painters tape / Labels 

  • Light fittings 

"We use Hire a Housewife to clean our new builds prior to handover day and they are great! Natasha and her team do an excellent job of thoroughly cleaning all the little nooks and crannies where dust builds up during construction. The windows sparkle and the rest of the house comes up looking amazing. It is a real weight of our shoulders knowing that come handover day our clients can walk into their beautiful new homes and see it at its full potential, all ready for move in."

 Kate & Graham Wellington  - Directors – Latitude Homes




What a lot a real estate agents fail to realise is that cleaning companies and real estate agents need to work hand in hand. Why is this you're wondering? If a real estate agent wants to get top dollar for your home, it is vital they realise how important the presentation part of selling a home is. If a home is presented right you will often get far more money. I always use a personal experience when talking about this. My husband and I purchased a home. At the time, property in the Manawatu was selling for market value. Because the owner did not present his home in tip top condition and there was so much work to be completed, we offered $40,000 below what he was asking for, and we were successful.  (His home required major work inside and out so this example is worst case)  If he had of spent $1500 inside and $1500 outside, I could guarantee you we would have paid the market value for his home and he would have had $37,000 more in his back pocket after cleaning and gardening costs. It's as simple as that!! So how awesome is it to see a real estate agency giving a cleaning package away for FREE if you list with them? (Conditions Apply )

If you list with Shelley Naylor Realty you will receive FREE cleaning through their Preparation or Pack and Go campaign to the value of $1000, yes you heard right $1000. Wouldn't it be nice to list with an agency that is passionate about helping you receive top dollar for your home, and potentially having an extra $37,000 in your back pocket?

Call Shelley and her team today!

0800 110 250


Cleaning for a Cause

Having Cancer is hard on patients and families, treatment is hard and isolating. Cancer patients have no energy left for cleaning, this can be frustrating and make a already tough time tougher. This is why Hire a Housewife is offering  Free House cleaning for Cancer patients during Chemotherapy  and has also started to work with  Arohanui Hospice  Palliative Care Social Workers.     Hire a Housewife takes immense pride in giving families in these delicate situations the gift of a clean home. Taking the cleaning pressure off families and cancer patients while they are having treatment so their homes become a place of comfort and relaxation,  then they can truely spend what time and energy they have to truely heal from the inside out and invite others in without the pressure of having to clean before hand. One off Cleaning, Monthly and fortnightly services available  - Free of charge to cancer patients who meet our criteria .   (Conditions Apply)   If you would like to enquire about our cleaning for a cause service please don't hesitate to call Natasha 

Having Cancer is hard on patients and families, treatment is hard and isolating. Cancer patients have no energy left for cleaning, this can be frustrating and make a already tough time tougher. This is why Hire a Housewife is offering Free House cleaning for Cancer patients during Chemotherapy and has also started to work with  Arohanui Hospice Palliative Care Social Workers.  

Hire a Housewife takes immense pride in giving families in these delicate situations the gift of a clean home. Taking the cleaning pressure off families and cancer patients while they are having treatment so their homes become a place of comfort and relaxation,  then they can truely spend what time and energy they have to truely heal from the inside out and invite others in without the pressure of having to clean before hand. One off Cleaning, Monthly and fortnightly services available  - Free of charge to cancer patients who meet our criteria .   (Conditions Apply) 

If you would like to enquire about our cleaning for a cause service please don't hesitate to call Natasha 




Window Cleaning Manawatu

Don’t underestimate the value in keeping your windows clean. Most people think it’s all about the sparkle, but in reality there are some very good reasons why window cleaning is more important than you might think.

Most people really like it when their windows are clean, but don’t like the process of cleaning them or having them cleaned. It could be that this unpopular task gets ignored because people don’t know how important it actually is, and why it shouldn’t be at the bottom of their priority list.

Many factors can cause a lot of damage to your windows and dirt is one of those factors. To lengthen the lifespan of your windows and save money in the long run, it is best to clean your windows regularly. When they are not washed frequently, it increases the risk of etching, and the glass becomes more fragile and can easily break, especially if you have tall or wide windows.  Get your windows professionally cleaned regularly, and reduce your maintenance cost and window replacement fees.

Taking good care of your windows is an essential tool to help maintain an attractive look of your property, lengthen the lifespan of your windows and enjoy more sunlight coming through your windows. Moreover, clean windows reflect a positive picture of you.  So don't wait too long to contact a professional window cleaning company. And remember that hiring the professionals will save you time and money.


Steam Train Carriage Cleaning

Today we had a busy day cleaning 4 Train Carriages ready for the steam train event on this Sunday. Every day can be different for our Executive Housewives. We love taking the pressure off our clients so call Natasha today to book a obligation free consultation. Natasha will come out personally and go over your requirements, we do Carpet Cleaning / Window Cleaning / Builders Cleaning / Home Presentation Cleaning / End of Tenancy Cleaning / New Baby Packages / Cooking / Spring Cleaning / Regular Cleaning / Gardening / House washing or Water blasting. Call today and find out why Hire a Housewife is the fastest growing cleaning company in the Manawatu. 

IMG_4010 2.JPG

Opiki Gardening job

Spring has made a welcome arrival and your garden will be starting to come alive again. Its time to start planting spring crops, weeding and pruning in the lovely Manawatu.  Get your piece of paradise into shape for the warmer months with Hire a Housewife.

We recently had a crew of 6 Executive Housewives carry out a large gardening and waterblasting job in Opiki, this was to help prepare for the sale of the clients homes.  The Executive Housewives and their green thumbs can get any gardening job done to a very high standard and this job was no exception. We all enjoyed the great day in the sun and look forward to more days to come. If it is gardening / cleaning or commercial cleaning your looking for look no further, their is a reason Natasha and her team is one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in the Manawatu.



Some of our Executive Housewives

Natasha had a passion for the cleaning industry from a young age. She used to find pleasure in cleaning the house for her mother. In 2012 she made her passion a reality and started Hire a Housewife. Hire a Housewife has steadily grown week after week year after year. We have created something quite special at Hire a Housewife our staff are treated with the upmost respect, If they have ideas these can be put forward, they are happy in there jobs and this shows in the standards we are able to provide to the Manawatu. We aren't "Just Cleaners" we are "Executive Housewives" and we love what we do. We respect our clients and know not every client is the same so we tailor all our packages to suit your individual cleaning needs. If you want to know why hire a housewife is not just your ordinary cleaning company arrange a quote with Natasha today, you won't find many cleaning company owners who will come out to your home and go over your needs. The owner of Hire a Housewife is so passionate about it she personally does all her quotes.  


Welcome to our Team

This month we welcome three new staff to our team of housewives.

-Christine has moved from Tauranga to the Manawatu.

-Naoko moved from the West Coast to the Manawatu with her husband. She has a passion for roses. When she was living in the West Coast she was a member of the rose society so if it rose pruning your after Naoko is your lady. 

-Mila moved from the U.K 5 1/2 years ago with her family she is a busy mum of 4 kids, it is nice to be able to welcome these 3 lovely lady's to our team. 

Hire a Housewife is one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in the Manawatu due to our high standards. Natasha is so passionate about the cleaning industry and is offering one of the most outstanding services within the Manawatu area, she is constantly setting herself apart from all the other cleaning companies. 


Gardening Manawatu

Another job well done this week.  This is a job we did for a client who wanted to present his house to the market looking its best. We believe here at Hire a Housewife if you don't present your home looking its best you won't get the money that your home is truely worth. You need to spend a little to make a lot. When potential buyers look at these before photos they may see to much work? They may try and knock you down $10,000 because of the work they see? As you see by the after pictures it has made a significant difference. 

Home Presentation

Home Presentation packages, we can include or exclude any of the following. Home cleaning top to bottom, oven, gardening and lawn mowing we also do house washing or water blasting. As far as I'm aware Hire a Housewife is the only company doing home presentation packages and we are working with a lot of real estate agents around the Manawatu to help them to help their clients get their homes up to a presentable stage to list it for sale. A home that is presented well will have more chances for reaching the price the owner is wanting. We are your one stop shop no need to call in 5 different professionals, call Hire a Housewife and we will take care of the whole job for you. Presenting a home for sale is the most important thing you can do and can make a considerable difference to what our clients walk away with on sale day. We have over 50 real estate agents on board so far with our home presentation packages and that number is growing by the day. We do our best to make sure every job is cleaned and presented to the highest standard. Call Natasha Harding today to see what all the fuss is about and why Hire a Housewife is one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in the Manawatu. 

Oven Cleaning Manawatu

Is your oven overdue a clean? Do you never find the time to clean it? Oven cleaning is hard work and can take so long if your not used to doing them. Here at hire a housewife our team are trained to clean ovens and they have a fast and efficient system they use to get the job done fast.

Other companies in the Manawatu are charging $140.00 per oven, here at Hire a Housewife for a normal size oven we charge only $88.00 and it gets better,  if you are a client of Hire a Housewife's you can get your oven cleaned this month and next month for as little as $66.00. We like to look after our clients and give them a monthly special. Call Natasha today for your obligation free quote and come and see why Hire a Housewife has over doubled in size in the past 12 months. 

Natasha Harding 0508 DUSTED

Why choose Hire a Housewife

Their are so many reasons why you should choose Hire a housewife as your cleaning company . We have been servicing the Manawatu for 5 years now and in that time have maintained a clean reputation. What you will find here at Hire a Housewife is a team, we work as a team and Natasha believes if staff are paid well and respected in their jobs they will go the extra mile for her clients. This shows in the high standards the girls manage to maintain every week for their clients, also having a 100% satisfaction guarantee has proved effective as we fully guarantee our cleaning, if you are ever not 100% satisfied with the quality of our work we will try our best to fix any problems that may arise.  

Natasha and her team love to clean, we are passionate about our jobs and pride ourselves in doing our job right the first time. Our client's aren't just clients they are a part of our Housewife family they can come to us with any extra jobs they require or any problems and we will do our best to make their life easier. We can customise a plan that suits you and your family and your budget. It is critical you have people in your home and around your family you can trust, to ensure we provide the most secure service possible each and every one of our cleaners are hand picked and hired by Natasha herself and have been police checked, Each cleaner is closely trained by Natasha herself so their standards are the highest in the Manawatu. We clean all around the Manawatu including Feilding, Palmerston North and surrounding areas. Call today to book your obligation free quote with Natasha 

Spring Cleaning in Palmerston North this week

This is one of our latest spring cleaning job's we did in Palmerston North this week for a lovely client who needed some help to get her partners house in order. Some people are maybe to embarrassed to get a cleaner in,  but I assure you we absolutely love doing jobs like this because it is cleaning jobs like this that we truly make a difference in our clients lives and leave feeling very satisfied. The satisfaction of leaving a home this clean is so rewarding for our team here at Hire a Housewife. We love the feeling of leaving our clients with a weight taken off their shoulder's. Cleaning can be a massive task if you don't have the right cleaning equipment or the know how to tackle such a big job. If you live in Palmerston North or surrounding areas don't hesitate to call and book your spring clean today. All our team love to clean, we always do our best to ensure our standards are the best in the Manawatu, our reputation here at Hire a Housewife is so important to us that we guarantee if we don't get it done right the first time we will return happily. Support your local, trusted, friendly cleaning company today

Spring Cleaning Palmerston North

For many of us it has been a loooooong, cold winter. Signs of warmer weather and we are wanting to get all the cleaning we have let slip over winter caught up on. Hire a Housewife doesn't just do inside house cleaning, this is a job we did this week, we treated the mold with vinegar and scrubbed all the upstair patio's. What we like to say is, GIRLS DO IT BETTER, why do we like to say this? Because unlike most men we have an eye for detail. Look at the before and afters of our clients patio (not a spot missed), they came up so good..

Before you fire up the grill to host your summer BBQ's call Hire a Housewife we are the best cleaners in the Manawatu. For all your Domestic or Commercial Cleaning requirements. This home we cleaned top to bottom, one team, one day. Look at the difference, this client was so happy her and her husband are now booked in to get their home cleaned once a week so she can keep it looking this good. Call Natasha today for your obligation free quote, our reliable, professional, highly trained housewives are ready to tackle all your cleaning needs. We service Most areas in the Manawatu, Palmerston North / Feilding we even do work out Bulls and one off jobs around most other areas in the Manawatu. 

Tip of the Day

Is your patio covered in green mold? Do you want a eco friendly way to clean it and prevent the mold from returning? No harsh chemicals needed all you need in Vinegar. If you haven't got time to do the cleaning yourself call us today we will do all the hard scrubbing for you. 




Moving in or out? One off cleaning? Call the Experts in move out cleans. We offer a reliable and discrete, quick end of tenancy cleaning service for tenants and landlords all around the Manawatu. 

If you are bidding farewell to your flat or a heartbreaking goodbye to a treasured family home call the team that cares, moving can be stressful and with the added pressures of then spending 5-10 hours trying to get the cleaning done for the new owners, this can make it all a little to much to handle, so let the professionals take over. We also do oven cleaning and window cleaning. We bring all the equipment and supplies which will leave you with more time to literally do anything that doesn't involve cleaning. Natasha does her best to always have a few spots available as she often get's calls the day before because lets face it life doesn't always go to plan and sometimes we think we can do it all, sometimes it is not until the enormity of the job sinks in that we start thinking we may need a little help.

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